This book is written to change the way you think about things. How to look at things from different perspective to trigger your imaginative thinking.

What is the similarity between School teacher and Sumo wrestlers? You probably wanted to know what the book is all about. The way the author present this is by showing the research based on the data. The data will never lie.

What causes the drop in crime rate in the 1990 in the US? where everyone is forecasting the increase in crime. Is it the effective police strategy? is it the boom of the economy? is it the gun control law? or is it due to the legalisation of abortion? the answer to this question might shock you in a way.

Another question that it pose to the reader is “If the drug dealer is rich why they are still living with their mother?”. There are in depth investigation within how the drug dealer organisation works, how the commission is being set, how the pecking order works.

All in all the book presents lots of data, and data analytics to get to the meaningful information.