Car to scooter

I was coming out of a restaurant and getting into a car at night. It was a busy intersection, I have to cross two lanes of busy street to get to the lane I want to go to as I was turning right.

Then I noticed a funny sign which looks like a squiggly line and looks as if I’m not allowed to turn right. Then I had a funny recollection of memory that I was stopped by a cop in the past while trying to turn right.

So I changed my mind and go against the traffic on the first lane. Thanks to the minimum traffic at night I was able to go without any issue. There were several narrow path where the car can hardly fit. At one point I was walking when I realised that, I now have in my possession a foldable scooter which looks quite big. I quickly unfolded it and continue with my journey riding the scooter. That’s when I woke up due to the loud traffic noises.

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