Leaving Tokyo

I woke up at about 4:15 AM for some reason right before the alarm goes off, and I had to turn it off. I get myself ready and then checking out from the hotel and get the taxi to the airport. I had given the taxi driver to take me to the International terminal in Haneda, and then he was asking me whether we take toll way or not, I though it was early so we don’t have to do that. Then I double check my ticket, I saw it was terminal 1, so just before he turn to International I asked him to go to terminal 1. The guy is quite polite and turn off the meter and basically the journey from International to terminal 1 is free, but I still end up paying over Y7000 for the trip. Then we notice that there is no Singapore Airline counter there, so I had to ask, and they told me I had to go to International terminal, damn.

How is this possible? I just checked at it said one, according to them it is “I” for International, so shit I had to catch the free shuttle to International terminal, I will probably be late, because only when the third shuttle came is for leaving for International terminal. So I quickly rush to the counter, and check my self in, and the customer service told me the plane is delayed due to late arrival. Hmm ok, so I am not late after all. I still had chance to hang in the lounge and grab one more souvenir for Ipo.

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