Bak cang

Today is the 5th day of the 5th month. The dragon boat festival to celebrate the death of patriotic poet in china, who jumps to river. People wrap meat in sticky rice with bamboo leaves.
I went to Lord Guan’s temple in south Melbourne with Mom for prayers.
On the way back saw Mellisa, but she wasn’t looking. Now on a tram back to spencer to catch train to Betty’s house.

Junk Food

I was in a wierd house with my mom. This house had a big garage door. Too big to be a garage door, cause the tram actually goes and stop inside the house.
So we had a craving for some fried chicken, KFC like kinda thing. Spotted there is a special $2 for the whole chicken we went to the joint nearby. Ordered the special meal and grab lots of chilli in the container, not to forget to ask more chilli in the packet, but I am reluctant to get too much, so I only asked for 2 chilli and one tomato sauce.
Then we hop on to the tram that goes back to the house. It was rather cool, until everybody starts getting in to the tram, I had to take all the food out and put it in the kitchen.

Blow Up Baby

All the family were in our house in Belawan. Yung ko-ko spotted a dead rat somewhere, so we told her to dump it into the sewer. She did that, but suddenly the water in the sewer starts flowing rapidly.
We saw some wierd thing flown by dead body, manequin with fake hair then dead babies which already half rotten & blown up.

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Assurance of Support

Busy day today, running around to lodge assurance of support bond for my Mom. Staring at Centerlink at High St, Prahran. It wasn’t too bad though all went pretty smooth. I was able to get the letter on the spot. And I went to Commonwealth Bank right away to lodge it. The lady was able to process it, and call be back again at about 4 PM for the letter from Bank.
I still have to organise time to show it back to Centerlink office, what a pain. This time hopefully it won’t be a long queue.
I also sent Hui’s police clearance form, hopefully I will get it back soon as well. It is always good if things fall into place. Thank God.

The Plot

In Belawan living room, Jerri & one of his girl friend were there. We are discussing what sort of option for her if she wanted to be marine biologist. Unfortunately she didn’t like remote area.
I got a chance to peek to the past, way back to the glorious days of a temple. After carefull observation it turnout to be the Kwan Im temple in Labuhan. I wandered around a bit to admire the decoration when someone warn me not to wander too far. The altar was all light up, offerings on the table, on the outside the were rows of light up camp like structure.

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The Mansion

I was doing a contract work for a company which have a dodgy rooms like a huge mansion. I think I was being head hunted to the company doing some sort of research.
This one time I had the urge to brush my teeth and had to walk downstairs into a room through a dodgy wall. Unfortunately I keep forgetting something, be it my toothbrush, or toothpaste or something that prevent me from doing it. All the near by washroom was occupied.
When the Boss spotted my useless activity of running around, he resolved to ask other staff to vacate the nearby wash room so I can do my business there and get on with my work.

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Twins Concert

Mom score another concert ticket. This time it is the Twins A Kiu & A Sa.
I went with Mom & Sharon.
It was pretty good. But they didn’t change that many clothes, only about 4 different costume. One guy got lucky, when he can answer most of the questions & get to sing with the twins. Although he looks nervous he is actually not bad.

Busy Saturday

While I am in the train, Eng sms me asking whether I want to watch “Peaches” in Cinema Nova at 12:30 pm. I sms her back to say that I can’t make it cause I am going to the market.
She then told me that she got more double passes for tomorrow’s session, and whether I wanted them. I decided to think about it.
When I got home I checked the synopsis. It is a sad story about a girl, and film partly in South Australia.
later on I told her that I woudn’t be able to make it.

Bluetooth Keyboard

My Logitech keyboard died on me when I am in the middle of playing far cry. I is ok, cause I am not in the middle of sticky situation. I thought it was something serious, it turns out to be the flat battery.
After inserting 4 AA battery everything works fine now. This keyboard does suck a lot of power. Let’s see how long the battery last.