Bus Schedule changed

Being today Queen’s birthday and tomorrow the Bus 700 schedule changed, and not running via the station anylonger. I wasted 1 hr waiting for the stinking bus. This is one of the reason to get a car, so you won’t waste any time waiting around.
I need to go to Chaddy to watch movie Mr & Mrs Smith with Yang, Mida, Wilson, Marga, Tim, Cherry and Tim’s brother who apparently just arrive from HK.
The movie starring Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, she is so hot in the movie, rrrrrr. It is a good, action turn out comedy movie.
Marriage full with coverups, because both husband and wife are working for competing contract killer agency.
After the movie we went to Box Hill for dinner, I ordered some fried chicken rice, taste pretty ordinary.

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Harold & Kumar

In the world of Harold & Kumar the con artist. I was in some kind of high school or University type of thing. A girl was being conned by Kumar who pretends to be a school teacher or lecturer and was trying to teach students about chemical property of a material, and Harold was helping him face painted black with dyed hair so looks much older and a fake moustache.
The girl came in to Kumar’s place to ask about something, when things goes wrong, and all the backdrop that he used in different settings, sort of scrolling up one by one, uncovering his business. The girl looks shocked being conned by Kumar.