Bluetooth Keyboard

My Logitech keyboard died on me when I am in the middle of playing far cry. I is ok, cause I am not in the middle of sticky situation. I thought it was something serious, it turns out to be the flat battery.
After inserting 4 AA battery everything works fine now. This keyboard does suck a lot of power. Let’s see how long the battery last.

Ring of The Earth

We are travelling in a bunch to some sort of mission. Dwayne had already being assigned to run around the Earth, a bit sonic like & dig holes to plant something. That is when we realise it was a mistake, but it is too late to cancel. So we had to assign Brendan to run around the Earth to make a second ring that is deep enough to counter the effect of the second one. And the ring had to cross each other for the effect to work. He had to put something into the ring some sort of explosive device that looks like balloon the shape of Mickey Mouse’s head.

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