Where is the Ship

I was stuck and had to go to work in this ship which dock in the peer. To get me out of my boredom, I am trying to go to work through different path each day, but it seemed that there is no other path, it is either barricaded, or there is some tiny bridge the size of coconut tree that I need to pass to get across.
So one day I found adventurous, and trying the other path, only to find that it is not possible to get through, so I back through the usual path, pass an orphanage, where is this one came from? Only to find that it now gets difficult to get to the ship, since I had to skip jump from one ship, canoe or small boat to get to the point where I want.
Being late because of too many detour, I find that the ship already left. Grrr…

There is one ship that just about to pass, and I almost want to jump in, but I asked where are they heading, and the reply doesn’t seems familiar.
So I pulled out my mobile and starts dialing Peter’s phone, only to find that his phone is probably forwarded to his misses… and I am being left, with several other people that looks as amused as me.
I am wondering who should I call next, and that’s when I woke up.

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