Waiting at the bus stop

I was just came out from some where. Walking pass a bunch of people that just came out of a party, some wearing costume and all. I walked to the end of the street to catch a bus. How the intersection look familiar. It seems like I’ve been to the stop a few time. A bunch of crowd from the party were there too. Then one new bus pull over, one of the guy asked the bus to turn around. In one quick maneuver the bus turn the other way to load the people from the party. Then the second chartered bus pull over, this one looks a bit older, so it struggled a bit to turn around. Once all the party goers are up, the bus drove away.

There left some other people who are waiting for the public bus. I was looking at the air conditioning spot at the building behind. It looks like the air conditioning had been removed. A few minutes wait seems like forever, I looked at my watch, it is almost 8 o’clock.
Eventually everyone get excited, the bus had arrived, I turn to my right, but see nothing, bunch of people walk to the end of the street, so I followed, there I see the bus is turning around at some check point. The end of that street intersect with a dead end street on the left. And there are few more kinds, who seems like there came out of costume party. I woke up shorty after.

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