Vonny’s house warming

Vonny called me out of the blue, asking me whether I can come to her new apartment for a few drinks. It is to my surprise a house warming party. It is on 197/28 Lt. Londsdale. South gate apartment, on the low rise end of it.
I arrive close to 6:00 pm and it seems that everybody were there already, Sharon, Kerby, Sofian, Gary and Mike. Later on her bf Ronny arrived with a plant. The finger food taste pretty good, I was so full. Told sofian about the ski trip and apparently he know Yapid, so he called him straight away and Sharon also wanted to go. He said that they still need a few more people so it should be ok.

Tim called me, and he just wake up around that time, gee how long this guy sleep. Still can’t make up his mind about it, I told him to let me know later whether he want to join or not.
Later after I came back home, have a chat with Intan on IM, according to her there will be a small dharma talk on the trip. I was like hmmm…. ok, Teng Wei didn’t tell me about it when I asked him this morning. I think that’s ok not sure about other ppl.

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