Things to do when you are bored – Day 17

I went to work, and busy preparing materials for auditor. On the way back I pick up a tomato and lettuce for my breakfast, before going to my brother’s place for dinner. Then I did the following :

1. Watering the pomegranate plant, it looks very concerning with the hit temperature today.

2. Get the dried bed sheet

3. Went to Surrey Hills to clean the kitchen ceiling and all the kitchen cupboard, also part of the laundry, it was so filthy.

4. Dismantle the shelf where the modem and router used to sit on and start to untangle the cables.

5. Continue the Arduino code for fibonacci clock, I manage to get the minute going, and added the seconds to make it more alive.

It was so hot but the the temperature cools down a bit when I’m jumping to bed.

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