Captivate – Chapter 9 Primary Values

In this chapter the author explain how we need to give others more primary values.

The primary values are:

  1. Love : feel worthy when liked, want to feel accepted, liked or belong
  2. Service : feel worthy of assistance, support me, feel happy when does someone a favour, feel happy when cared for someone
  3. Status: feel worthy when praised, have power or credit, feel happy when in charge, feel happy when respected
  4. Money: feel worthy when bank account is full, have lots of money, feel important when financially stable, work for money, need money to be happy
  5. Goods: feel worthy having home, office or assets, typically collect things, give or buy gifts, object in home have emotional meaning
  6. Information : feeling worthy when having lots of information at hand, always in the know, give advice, teaching and learning

The is also what is called “situational Value”: value that can change from situation to situation.

By knowing other people’s primary value we can interact better with them because we know what is their expectations and what they value and want.

We might have different primary value in the social, professional and romantic circumstances. Look into yourself and decide on what is your primary value in the three occasion above.