Wrong building

I was working in the new building and it seems to be at level 4. I was walking up and down, as usual and at one stage notice a few of the meeting pods and it seems very nice.

Then I was on my way down, I walk pass a few unfamiliar faces, perhaps new hires that came for interview, I thought. So I keep going down. It seems like I had pass level 4 without realizing it. I was in the lobby, so oh well, I just have to take the lift up again.

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Building an automation

I was in Mul’s place in the middle of building a computer. I am sourcing some parts from home which seems to be looking like a microphone. But time didn’t permit. I had to teach. The time is about 3:30 and I had about 30 mins to get ready. And I was thinking to finished it at home instead of coming back to his place. So I’m packing up to load things in the car.

Then saying good bye to his mom. She mentioned that our teacher was sick and asking me to find out where she is at get home. So I promised her that I will call her when I got the info.