Things to do when you are bored – Day 6

Day 6 is not a holiday, so I was at work, and moving from Springvale rd office to Wellington rd office. We packed up all our belongings and put it in our colleague’s X5 an drove it to Wellington rd office.

Then we went to lunch at Brendon Park, I had the Mie Goreng with chicken curry. It was quite yummy.

After lunch I am busy archiving all the SharePoint docs to usb drive as backup. In struggling to keep my eyes open for some reason. So I went to her some hot chocolate and tea to keep me awake. We are busy trying to find the location of the steering committee minutes in the network folders and SharePoint, then finally we found that it was located in a separate SharePoint site, I will have to migrate them tomorrow.

The rest of the night I had done the following:

1. Pick up the cup cake paper from Surrey Hills garage for Mom, it took me a while to find them

2. Went to Burwood one trying to find the ice cream scoop, but there is none in Kmart, Coles, or Reject shop. We are after the one with that can push the ice cream when you squeeze the handle

3. Went back to Surrey Hills to clean up the front bedroom, it was so dirty and I couldn’t finished it until 11:30 PM. I did clean some of my figurine on top in the shelf

4. Washing some towels and hang them dry

5. Ironing some towels

6. Post a blog about how to connect a “touch switch” to replace Bluetooth Amplifier buttons.

Then I went to bed at about 2 AM in the morning.