Rose & Niko

I was in Indo with Rose, she happened to take her son Niko’s photo to be adjusted. I help her pasting the photos to the window display so that it can be sorted out later.
Later on I was constantly being reminded that I shouldn’t leave the house without a permit, and I’m like what the? Because of the constant nagging, I go and get one from the corrupt police, but since the process takes to long, I just told them that I had one and go out without it.

The next time I met Rose, when I walk towards her, I say our friend Lina, yes the annoying one, sweeping the floor tending a baby. I am considering whether I should smile to her since the bad thing she had done in the past.
I forced a smile on my face and quickly rush towards Rose, and asking how is the picture going and I want to have a look. She showed me a few that left on the display, the rejected one, cause the prop over the image doesn’t fit.
Basicly what they had done, is they just overlay another image on top of the photo and retake it, if it fits. I asked for the one on the window that I pasted the other day, she said she had kept it safe.

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