I was visiting my son’s school, and there is a kid who tried to shoot me with a slingshot, but he missed and his sling shot also fly away. I attempt to teach him a lesson by taking his slingshot away. But unfortunately my hands was a bit heavy and he grab it first. I endup grabbing my wife’s hand and woke up.


Somehow I had an exam, I had studied all I can, so I’m just chilling out.

On the day I had to went to the place to take exam. We rode a bike there, but we had to climb up, putting our bike first, then pull ourselves up.

I had a friend who asked me a question, and I answered it with confidence.

Zongzi: Chinese sticky rice dumpling (粽子)

One of the food that will brings back your memory when you taste it is Zongzi (Bak Cang). I grew up in Medan, never appreciating how lucky I am being able to have this. Only when I moved to Australia, I missed this traditional Chinese sticky rice wrapped in bamboo leaves. The process, as I remember took ages, as it needs to be boiled 6 hours in a pot filled with boiling water. But this is the guarantee of the taste.

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