Mass Lunch

I was working and trying to find someone, I think it was Dwayne to confirm the meeting with one of the switch techie. Suddenly The kitchen was full of people having lunch and it seems like there are 500 of them. So failing that I decided to go back to sleep?
When they finished their lunch they all sit in the rows waiting for someone to give speech. I happened to sit on the front row and talking to this guy, which seems from Indo and talking about 35 years of PKI and how they had infiltrated the government without detection. By the way he talk it seems that PKI is still legal organisation, then the person next to him start to comment on that and there is a heavy debate. Suddenly there is a fish infront of everybody and this guy is selling his propaganda and asking everybody to follow him.

He started by separating the fish meat from the bones and asking everybody to follow and eat it. I try to follow but there is no spoon. I glanced at the guy next to me who are going to lend me his spoon, he is Heriadi. I grabbed his spoon and followed the instruction and eat the fish.
The guy said that if he intended to poison all of us, all of us would have died there and then, all 500 of us. So his intention is genuine. I am too busy pre occupied with the fish to notice what he is saying.

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