Koh Si Chang

So eventually the ferry arrived in Koh Si Chang. I didn’t expect there are so many oil tanker scattered around between Koh Loi and the island. It seems like there are massive exploration is going on. Once we disembarked, there are hordes of people offering sight seeing services, tuk tuk, motorbike rental, so on.

I told them no, but two of them keep following me offering service, so I stop and have a look at what she is offering. It was motorbike rental for 250 Baht until 6:30 PM, but I am hungry, and besides I don’t know how to ride motorbike properly, so I said, I will find something to eat first and then I will get back, so she gave me her number. The other guy still offering the tuk tuk service, and I said no, and eventually he get it. So I started strolling around the main road towards the temple at the mountain. I saw some stall selling vegetables, and one selling meat bun for 10 Baht, so I stop by to grab one. Then continue off, and eventually I saw one local restaurant on the right, so I stop by to see what is on the menu, and I asked for 2 vegetable, the guy seems to understand, and I walk in and have a seat. It was quite hot but the restaurant was full of fan blasting all over. So not bad, the food was quite good, it was deep fried eel and some chicken curry. I paid 35 Baht when I finished. And I continue my walk towards the temple, starting to think whether I should head back to get the motorbike, but then it wasn’t that far, the stairs looks a bit daunting, but It didn’t take me that long to get up there. I paused to drop some coin donation, and then I get some joss stick and candle for the offering. What unique about the temple is that It have magnificent view over the pier, and overlooking to the main island, and also I was build around the cave, and in the cafe painted with gold was the statue, and if walk to the right, up the stairs there were two more shrines, and the main one was the shrine of Mongkey King.

After enjoying the view, I walked back down, hoping to get to the Buddha’s step, but I think somehow I missed it, oh well, by the time I realise I am already at the nice lookout point build by King Rama V. I stroll down to see the other side of the island’s view but not too far, then I get to the highest point where it is still safe to enjoy the different view. From there I walk along, and found the Yellow Buddha at the top of the hill where it was visible from the ferry. so I climbed up along the road and finally I was there. There seems to be a cave there as well, but I don’t think I will bother this time in the esssence of time. when I walked back I notice there is an old terrace with chinese architecture, so I take a snapshot, and decided it was time to head back and my watch is showing 3:40 PM, and I walked back to the pier to hop back on to the ferry. This one doesn’t wait till 4:00 PM before heading back to the Koh Loi. The journey takes 30 minutes.

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