Half a Snake

I was invited by one of my cousin to a place like a herbarium or something. Not sure what I am doing there, but the next thing I know, someone is screaming there is a snake. And I did see it. It is actually half a snake, the tail was sort of missing, and it’s kinda big too.
I am trying to capture the snake, and I manage to cature it in the Cardboard. Then before I knew it the snake somehow evolved into a person with missing limb.
He is too scared to talk, and I am trying to pull himself together, so he can tell his story. Apparently he is in the place one day and a tree branch fell on him and broke his leg. He survive by eating rats and all other small animals he can find.
I wanted to help him, but he is too embarassed to faces his family especialy his girl.

Then I said to him, I think his girl would be prepare no matter what his conditions are, better than not having him at all.
So in the end he wanted to be help, and the ambulance took him to the hospital.

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