Entry Pass

I was in some kind of Indonesian border, and trying to get pass the Immigration. The way is like a secret entrance, down the stairs, through the locked doors like the one in the submarine. then waiting in the queue.
I met my old mate, A Yong 11 sitting there as well, apparently with his brother, but I don’t recognise his bro at all.
Once I sat one of the officer starts interrogating me, about what my religion is an it turn out that in my paper I had some weird religion called Aung San Suu or something like that, so I boasted on what I belived, and apparently there is a list of like 12 recommended holy book belongs to this religion which I knew nothing about, so the officer said I will be refused entry. And I was furious, I tore off the papers and walked out of the room.

But I saw someone said wait, so I turned back and saw that they still want to talk to me, so I sat more and giving them the papers that I had tore up. They admit that it might be a mistake to put wrong religion on me, so I said, well if you don’t believe that I had a religion then I would walked out. Apparently along with the application attached a 5″1/4 floppy disk that held all the original information, so the officer is trying to access that info from the floppy disk.
I don’t know what happened next, cause my cough woke me up.

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