Dance performance

I was possibly back in high school somewhere in Indo, and there is an annual celebration or some sort of competition where some of my mates participate in some sort of dance and drama routine kinda thing.
So one morning we had to split between two classes to be able to see these routine cause there isn’t much space for everyone. I attended the first routine, which looks pretty good, and then it closed with a drunken guy smashing his bottle of beer, but he didn’t do so cause there isn’t any space to throw the bottle.
Some how I also end up watching the second run of the same routine with the other half of the crowd, and this time at the end of the routine, he did smashed his bottle of beer, which of course shattered around, and I happened to pick up one fragment for the cleaner to make sure no body get hurt later on.

Then back to my class I told everyone about how the second run started and ended with a broken beer bottle.
There is some sort of party afterwards, which I attend early to see the preparation, and funnily my friend Yung was there early getting his finger nail polished!!, he was bad at that sort of stuff, that’s why he got all smeared around his hand, and only 2 fingers was done properly, so I offer to help, and that’s when I woke up.

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