Chinese Lesson

I was sent to learn Chinese, so I was in this classroom, among all other student, not really sure what I am doing there cause I jump in the middle of the course. The teacher asked me to turn to some page, which I can’t find in my course book. He insisted that I should be able to find it, then I told him, that he can go and look for it himself, and handed him the book.
Then he was going to test me about the lesson he had been given, confidently I said ok to that, and he start asking me about chapter one, and I am like, errrr….. I mean I can’t explain chapter one, cause you haven’t taught me that. Then he is trying to explain how important it is to repeat your lesson and home, and that’s when his mobile ringing.

So he excuses himself and answer the call, and by the time he get back the time is almost up, and the other teacher is about to start another lesson, so he said he will do it after this time slot as a catch up lesson.
I didn’t move, and let the second lesson pass through me, there is something wierd though, cause after the lesson we are being served meal, hmmm… and the person in charge is a girl, who I can’t remember now.
Then out of the blue we are staring outside the window at a sky scraper building that are being demolished. It seems like the building is on fire, hmmmm….. and the whole thing tumble down towards our end. Funnily the material didn’t damage any surrounding building. I ran out to check, cause one debris seems to be close enought from my reach. I grab one of the debris and to my surprise it feel rubbery like condom, and I handed that to everyone else to look at.
Later on, I am trying to get pass Spencer st. gate, there is a gate?? well it seems like chaos everywhere, not sure whether that is cause by the demolition of the building or something else. But no one can get through, it is all very chaotic, in the sense of an emergency situation sort of thing.

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