Things to do when you are bored – Day 19

I also work today, so less things to accomplish, still busy checking the documents for auditors. I found out that the systems that track CPD point called ELMO was completely useless, can’t even provide a good report.

After I came back I did the following :

1. Bring all the bed sheets, pillows cases and towels in.

2. Went to Surrey Hills to clean up the spaghetti network cables, I manage to untangle all of them and also take the rest of the lego bionicle sets and put them all in the box

3. Ironing the pillow cases, bed sheets and quilt cover while watching “Johnny English 2”. The story is about a cyber attack by a tech guy who is trying to take over the world. Mostly funny, but seems to have lost some of the attraction, as there was no fresh idea anymore.

By the time I went to bed it was 12:45 AM.