It seems like some one is being kidnapped. Probably a girl. We are looking for some clue in a rough neighborhood. We drop by 3 places, one of them is an arcade store. The other one is a miniature store, which only trade miniature model and not selling the unfinished model. I saw a miniature of Flinstone’s car made from real skin. Apparently I was looking for a small screwdriver. The other store also sell some sort of miniature which I intended to buy.
The clue is given to me by a girl written inside an envelope that I left behind. The second & third clue seems to be written by the same guy on the same envelope.


It is the time where my uncle had 3 son and 1 daughter. They are preparing a sketch for a school production. I was invited to watch it. There is also a big crowd watching it. The sketch was quite boring but nonetheless entertaining. It was more conventional than action. But they had a good facial expression.