Bbq at auntie Kim’s place

Despite that it was quite windy we manage to had a good bbq at auntie Kim’s place. Quite a few of ppl were there. I am as usual in charge of satay. Yummy, the coal takes forever to start up, I used almost all of the fire starter. But once it is going everything runs smooth. Manage to cook over 100 skewers of pork & chicken satay. The chicken skin was beautiful. The yellow rice is nice. Gado-gado is not bad as well. Sambal is good.
After all is done, we manage to play a bit of Mahjong. More complecated than I thought but it is a start. One of the auntie seems like an expert. We went home at about 6. Then after dinner pick up Qi Qi, then sent Hui home, and came back home.