Cecilia or not Cecilia

On the train this morning I think I spotted Cecilia, Andre’s cousin, she seems to be staring at me for a while when I took notice of her, but I couldn’t be sure since she looked away after that, but she did looks very similar.
Not sure where she hop on from probably Canterbury or East Camberwell, and when she hop off, she seems to have a reluctant smile when I stared at her.

Back to School

I was at home in Belawan, and getting reading to school, waiting for my Brother to get ready. I was in a hurry and I had to wait a few hours for him to get ready. Which mean I can’t do one of the errand on my list anymore.
The next thing I know I was sitting in a classroom and learning a lesson which looks like a mix between Geography and art. The teacher draw a map of the world on the black board and asked us to copy it down.
So I did try my best to copy it down as if it is a smaller version of the map onto my notebook. I made some error calculating the space, so I had to redo it on landscape overwriting the previous one.

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Hot Air Baloon

When I am just walking out the door this morning I spot 3 hot air baloon floating on the sky close to where my house.
They are very colourful as you can see. Actually I had seen one a few days ago near the station, but it is just too far to look good in picture.
I think they are promoting something but I don’t know what.

Old school

I was in a room, possibly a lecture lounge or a lab. Waiting for my lecturer to turn up. There is one lecture there but he is in a hurry to attend a meeting, and he said he will be back soon.
So I waited for him meanwhile I iooked around exploring the room. It seems like one of my lab back in Poly & also a mix of some lecture lounge in RMIT.
The next thing I know when he came back, everything is cancelled. So I wondered around and met some one on the bottom of the staircase which I can’t remember who.

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Meet the pros

I was in an apartmen ala San Andreas. There is a black woman teasing me in the shower, and offering me some sort of service. I must had done her a favour earlier. Reluctantly I open the shower door and there she was naked and half covered with soap. It is hard to go against my conscience, so I go for it.

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All PR Doc in

It was a busy day today. Starting with visit to DIMIA to pay the second installment of my Mom’s visa. It went all well, and when I went to the office, I was being requested to do a site install accompanying Matthew from tsol. The installation was for IP Console on BCM system in KLM Group in North Melbourne.
It all went well, most of the time was spend making the TAPI works to the recepcionist’s pc. I did a bit of training on how to use it as well.
Then Hui’s medical receipt arrive as well, so I forwarded all her document to Adelaide Skilled processing centre. And I also posted Mom’s payment receipt to her case officer.
That’s what I call a busy and productive day.

Help Out Rainbow Alliance

Just came back from charity performance with Sofian. He got some free tix to the “Help Out Rainbow Alliance for Asia” charity event. Some of the professional performance were there including Katie Underwood,
Comedian Adam Richard, and Bob Downe, and others including Gary as one of the dancers with Aida. Quite a good performance for a good cause.

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Yam Cha

Just finished Yam Cha with Wilson, Wenty, Mida, David & two other ppl I can’t remember their names. Then went to hobby shop to buy orange enamel paint. Spotted AT-AT on the shop selling for $26, still thinking whether I should get them.
Sofian just called confirming the meeting later at Nike, and wanted to borrow some cd Office, PowerDvd & EasyCd creator.

On Trial

I was in the middle of some sort of trial where we had to win somehow. It seems like we are in some sort of sticky situation, language barrier. The trial is half conducted in English & another half in Chinese.
We seems to lost it even when there is this girl who seems to be fluent and knows the questions well.

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Kind Indo Guy

I was walking towards the station this morning & walking passed this indo guy who always smiles at me. To my surprise this morning he offered me his ticket that he didn’t use anymore. I accepted it & said thank you. However since I already had my monthly ticket I passed to a guy at the station who seems to be looking around to buy a ticket. Just passing the karma around.